Giving smile to border area


Bu P’rang is a border area belongs Quang Truc ward, Tuy Duc district, Dak Nong province. People live in there is mostly M’nong. They are sparsely populated and live isolated from the center of the commune.

The life of the people here is extremely difficult, the main economy is farming, hired labor, and short-term crops (maize, cassava…). Many children here cannot afford to go to school because their family is too poor.

Every day, the children must go to the field with their parents to work and get only cassava, and corn for meals. Some children who can afford to go to school to pursue their education have difficulty in travel because the road is very far. Most of their homes are located deep in the mountains. To go to school, they have to walk 5-7 kilometers.

Understanding those difficulties, Miracle charity fund and Nhoxiu club organized a charity project to give 1100 gifts to children and 330 gifts to people who are destitute in the area. In particular, the fund also gave another 20 bicycles to children whose families are far from school so that they have more motivation to go to school.

It is hoped that these small contributions can help the children, and households in the commune have a better life, and more motivation to eliminate poverty and overcome difficulties.

The children received gifts in happiness

Smile of people make our day.